About Us

Having started its architectural activities in Turkey in the year of 2000, Gürol Arslan Architecture Company has also furnished activities abroad since then. It successfully continues to provide its services comprising of main fields such as concept developing, architectural designing, facade designing, application controllership and visualization.

Architecture; Having produced cost efficient solutions with both modern materials and traditional construction techniques, Gürol Arslan Architecture Company provides a new design process to the investors in search of distinctness, with its functional designs which have a distinct style of design and which bring structural aesthetics to the forefront from the beginning to the end of design process.

Visualization; With the technological infrastructure in its possession and the new techniques developed by it, Gürol Arslan Architecture Company enables the visualization of the projects intended for the needs of organizations giving service in different sectors, such as construction firms, architects offices, real estate agencies and governmental organizations. It gives assistance as a team mate in taking pre-production decisions, during marketing stages and for research of investment opportunities.

Purpose; Our purpose is to continue our activities by presenting the knowledge we have gained in the field of architecture and visualization in the best possible way, without making concessions from customer satisfaction and our aesthetical style.